About Us

Pulse Daily  is a news analysis and trending  issues covering  platform.  It inculcates  to provide day to day coverage of important events happening around the globe, ranging  from economics, business,  employment, governance, international  events, national  and regional  issues from all walks of life which matters  to everyone.
In today’s’ post truth world where perception  is thwarting  the reality and mainstream  media is  accused of providing news from a presumed standpoint. This has lead to birth of false fears and impulses which does not offer chances for independent and critical thinking bur rather a vicious cycle of harvesting over these fears leading  to more widening of existing social cleavage. Realizing  the need for a platform  which aspires for an end through its  contents  which celebrates  commonalities rather provides food for petty quarrels. Pulse Daily is committed to provide  unbiased, diverse and critical analysis of issues taking from manifold spectrum towards that end. 
In our times’ individual morality  and collective  ethics have receded to a level of unimaginable  harm, Pulse Daily aims to give traction to narratives that must liberate one from pangs of unwarranted guilt and uncalled for atonement leading to cognitive leakages and creating spillages. Our inspiration for this expedition comes the old adage “In Law a man is guilty when he violates the rights of others,  in ethics he is guilty if he only  thinks of doing so”.